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Sci-fi: Days of Fear and Wonder

Part of the BFI's Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder UK-wide celebration of Sci-Fi, Film Hub Central East have unleashed our collaborative programme with our members across the region.

Don't Panic! Independent Cinema Milton Keynes / MK Gallery

Don't Panic! is 12 consecutive, weekly special events at MK Gallery, bringing together a programme exploring classic and modern Sci-fi film. Working with musicians, DJ's, artists, filmmakers, workshop leaders, and science lecturers - we will a bring a new enlivening film experience each week.

The Created Woman, Mayhem Film Festival, Nottingham

Mayhem present a three-day season of film screenings, events, and discussion forums on the theme of 'The Created Woman', a popular and enduring idea within science fiction. Themes to be explored include: creating the 'perfect' woman, creation gone wrong/ the 'monstrous' woman, wives and daughters and conjuring the woman. Screenings will include Metropolis, Frankenstein Created Woman, The Stepford Wives, and Solaris.

Village Screen of The Damned, Norfolk

Working with Creative Arts East and their Village Screen network, we're infiltrating the rural community cinema in Norfolk with specialised Sci-Fi Film targeting six venues across Norfolk.

Sci-Fact, University of Nottingham

We also have Sci-Fi resources for the season, in partnership with University of Nottingham, these are intended to help audiences understand the science behind the fiction, de-bunk myths, and see how film has influenced scientific thinking. Including:

  • Time Travel
  • Man/Woman machine
  • Human Farm
  • Genetics and cloning
  • Public perceptions of Science
  • Climate Change
  • Environmental Disaster
  • Contagion
  • Computer Sciences

A Sci-fi/Sci-fact event at the spectacular maths building on the University of Nottingham campus, followed by a screening of The Day the Earth Caught Fire.

Station X, Bletchley Park

Presented by the Cambridge Film Trust in association with Independent Cinema Milton Keynes, Station X at Bletchley Park will be a day of immersive screenings for all the family, exploring science fiction war narratives, totalitarian dystopias and fear of the power of science, set against the historic backdrop of the world-class heritage site Bletchley Park. Station X's screening programme will be confirmed in due course and will take place in early November (date TBC).

#BFISciFi Nationwide

Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder will include over 1,000 screenings of classic films and television programmes at over 200 locations across the UK, from outdoor events at iconic British sites to screenings in multiplexes, local cinemas, and community venues; in one of the largest and most ambitious sci-fi seasons ever created.

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