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Initiative 1: A Wider Range of Film in Commercial Venues

The Nottingham based Kino Klubb banded together with Cinema Diabolique partners Kneel Before Zod and Watergate Cinematek to celebrate the work of character actor Donald Pleasence. Pleas Fest 2015 - a one-day event devoted to his work held at the Savoy Cinema in Pleasence's home town of Worksop, Nottinghamshire

Donald Henry Pleasence was born October 5th, 1919 in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, an intense multi faceted actor who bought something unique to each of his performances, recognizable in most roles from his piercing blue eyes and a bald head.He is an actor that helped shape our childhood and has long been one of our favourite screen actors, when we learned that he was a local lad we decided that this was a cause for celebration and we wanted Nottinghamshire to feel proud of his amazing heritage.

The programme starts with Bond film You Only Live Twice at 2pm. Pleasence's character Ernst Stavro Blofeld would influence Mike Meyers' Dr. Evil in his Austin Powers movies. At 4:15pm you can see Pleasence in Roman Polanski's psychological thriller Cul-de-sac. At 6:45pm Pleasence's bald head serves him well in one of the only George Lucas films ever worth watching, THX 1138. Then the programme closes at 10:30pm with Gary Sherman's horror flick Deathline (Raw Meat).