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Vintage LOVE

FHCE have teamed up with our regional archives MACE and EAFA to bring you some LOVE shorts from their collections. Inspired by the BFI LOVE blockbuster and at around five minutes each, these shorts will go perfectly before a feature as an added bonus- and what's more they are free of charge to FAN members.

So if you are booking THE LOBSTER, CAROL, BROOKLYN or any title from the BFI LOVE menu, then get in touch to add an extra sprinkling of vintage love to your shows.

Street tales – 5 mins

Our intrepid reporters take to the streets to ask the people of the Midlands about Love, Sex and Marriage

Finding The One – 5 mins

Storing of finding love in unusual places from a pre-internet age

Olive's wedding – 5 mins

Olive Haynes loves weddings so much she has attended over 12,000 strangers' ceremonies- she tells her story to a young Chris Tarrant

Funny love – 6mins

Entre the madcap world of Amateur Silent Filmmaker H.A.V Bullied with this compilation of his fools for love

Romantic Love – 5 mins

Experience weddings, rural romances, heartbreak an longing in these interwoven tales from silent filmmaker H.A.V Bullied