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Posted: Mon, 10 Apr 2017 09:44

Film Hub Central East opens the Programme Progression Scheme for applications

 Film Hub Central East opens the Programme Progression Scheme for applications

We created the Programme Progression Scheme to support film societies, clubs, and community cinemas in our first open call in Spring 2014. We received large interest from societies who felt they could expand their programming, but needed help to do so.

The scheme continues to help all hub members diversify programming, react to opportunities, and engage audiences through special events, guests, and Q&A activity.

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Posted: Wed, 15 Feb 2017 16:14

Film Hub Members Day

Film Hub Members Day

Tuesday 7 March, 10:00am, Broadway Nottingham

Join us for our spring Hub Members Day at Broadway in Nottingham on March 7th.

It's your chance to talk to us about the upcoming months and the focus areas of the Film Audience Network as part of the BFI's 2022 strategy.

Look forward to hearing more about:

  • Presenting our Diversity Toolkit
  • Young Programmers Network
  • New Release Strategy

We'll be covering any travel costs to ensure you can make it along.

You can register at the link below, we're looking forward to seeing you there!

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Posted: Thu, 01 Dec 2016 16:14

BFI Launches 2022 Strategy

BFI Launches 2022 Strategy

Presenting a five-year plan designed to shape the BFI's next chapter for film, television and the moving image.

Read the strategy bfi.org.uk/2022

Posted: Fri, 14 Oct 2016 16:55

A&E: Advisory & Experience Scheme has new advisers

A&E: Advisory & Experience Scheme has new advisers

The Advice and Experience advisory scheme was initially run by Film Hubs Central East, North and North West Central giving members access to high-level industry experience.
Following that successful pilot the scheme has now launched across Film Hubs Scotland, London, South East, and South West & West Midlands, along with the recruitment of a number of fantastic new advisers!

The aim of the scheme is to provide Hub Members with access to FREE 1-2-1 specialised advice on a range of topics from effective marketing to introductory programming.

  • Are you struggling to put together a marketing plan for your venue?
  • Do you need advice on attracting new audiences?
  • Want help with selecting films for a specialised season?
  • Need guidance on constructing a working budget for a film project?

If you feel you are lacking in a specific area of expertise we can provide you with the assistance and knowledge you require to help your organisation develop and grow through our A&E Scheme.

A group of sector specialists are available to book for half day 1-2-1 sessions. Sessions can take place on the phone, Skype or face to face and will be followed up by a report covering key next steps for your projects.

Take a look at our advisor's biographies and specific key expertise here: adviceandexperiencescheme.com - password is FAN1617.

If you're interested in arranging an session with any of our advisers or want to discuss the scheme further get in touch with Andy - a.rae@broadway.org.uk

Posted: Thu, 15 Sep 2016 16:23

Sign up for free Branch Area Report

Sign up for free Branch Area Report

ComScore (formally known as Rentrak) are offering BFI Film Audience Network members access to their FREE Branch Area Report.

This useful report shows daily grosses for all films playing at each cinema in your regional area (ComScore use TV regions to segment the UK).
This will give you:

  • The chance to benchmark your own cinema's performance against other local cinemas to see if your ticket sales are out-performing the market as a whole
  • Localised insight into how films you aren't playing have performed
  • Suggestions of new titles or genres you could consider booking
  • Guidance on how different types of film perform on different days of the week

This report is designed for exhibitors (including cinemas, multi-arts venues and community cinemas) that host regular weekly screenings. It is useful for management, box office, programming and marketing staff.

Each participating cinema will receive the report for the TV region they belong to, every Friday, covering the 7-day playweek just finished. The report will be in PDF format and will show gross revenues (including VAT).

To access this free report cinemas must agree to share their data with all distributors and other exhibitors in their region. All distributors see data for all films. Only exhibitors that share their data can see other cinemas' data – it's a reciprocal arrangement. Data for individual cinemas is never shared with anyone outside of distribution and exhibition.

All cinemas are welcome to join (or leave) the Branch Area Report sharing group at any time. Interested cinemas should email ukreports@rentrak.com.

Posted: Wed, 14 Sep 2016 17:31

BFI Black Star Blockbuster Season Film Menu

BFI Black Star Blockbuster Season Film Menu

The BFI Film Audience Network has been awarded funding by the BFI Programming Development Fund to mount a nationwide contribution to Black Star, the latest UK-wide blockbuster season led by the BFI. Black Star will be the largest ever national programme of films and events celebrating the range, versatility and power of black actors, running between October and December 2016.

As part of this programme we are offering support for members to screen titles from the ICO's BFI Black Star film menu attached with £200 per screening for additional audience development activity or a flat rate of £200 for specific marketing for new audiences. It would be preferable to focus on one screening and on getting a good audience for that event rather than multiple events with low numbers.

Support is also available to programme either of the two below re-release titles but these need to be booked separately with the distributor directly;

Boys in the Hood – 28th October / BFI Distribution

In the Heat of the Night – 18th November / Park Circus

Proposals which are aligned to the two National weekends will be encouraged;

Hip Hop Weekend: 4th - 6th November

Comedy Weekend: 2nd – 4th December

Please see the below ICO film menu for details of the available titles. If you wish to participate in the season please complete the attached proposal form and return that to Andy Rae & cc Liz.harkman@watershed.co.uk.

The timeline has now been extended to be part of the national tour, with revised dates as:
Monday 28th November – Applications for the National Tour support grants

Friday 16th December – Final date for ALL bookings of titles with the ICO

Tuesday 28th February – Final date for ALL activity to have taken place

For more information on the season please visit: www.bfi.org.uk/black-star.