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A&E: Advisory & Experience Scheme has new advisers

Posted: Fri, 14 Oct 2016 16:55

A&E: Advisory & Experience Scheme has new advisers

The Advice and Experience advisory scheme was initially run by Film Hubs Central East, North and North West Central giving members access to high-level industry experience.
Following that successful pilot the scheme has now launched across Film Hubs Scotland, London, South East, and South West & West Midlands, along with the recruitment of a number of fantastic new advisers!

The aim of the scheme is to provide Hub Members with access to FREE 1-2-1 specialised advice on a range of topics from effective marketing to introductory programming.

  • Are you struggling to put together a marketing plan for your venue?
  • Do you need advice on attracting new audiences?
  • Want help with selecting films for a specialised season?
  • Need guidance on constructing a working budget for a film project?

If you feel you are lacking in a specific area of expertise we can provide you with the assistance and knowledge you require to help your organisation develop and grow through our A&E Scheme.

A group of sector specialists are available to book for half day 1-2-1 sessions. Sessions can take place on the phone, Skype or face to face and will be followed up by a report covering key next steps for your projects.

Take a look at our advisor's biographies and specific key expertise here: adviceandexperiencescheme.com - password is FAN1617.

If you're interested in arranging an session with any of our advisers or want to discuss the scheme further get in touch with Andy - a.rae@broadway.org.uk

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