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Vlogging at Flatpack Film Festival

Posted: Wed, 01 Jun 2016 16:59

Vlogging at Flatpack Film Festival

A report from Georgia Pinfold, see the film at youtube.com/watch?v=axw6BVFrgJQ

Imagine books made music, Dogs & Cats in slow motion and Shakespeare's, Romeo and Juliet set at a beach. Flatpack Film Festival exhibited all of that…and more! On day one we explored central Birmingham and made our way to Impact Hub, a modern, stylistic venue filled where we were put into groups for a team building exercise called Spaghetti and Marshmallows led by YouTubers Jonbehere (Jon Aitken) and Shamphat (Shamil Ahmed).

After networking and building relationships with likeminded people we plunged into a Vlogging masterclass with Jon and Sham. I learned a lot about the composition of an image and top tips into vlogging, including always remember to look down the lens to create direct address with your audience. Their ideas were insightful to the vlogging industry, which I didn't know much about. From there, we found some films to see and headed to BMI (Birmingham & Midland Institute) to see Rare Visions: Shakespeare on Film, for his 400th death day anniversary?! There was a mix of humorous pieces and live action performance combining film and music, which was unique and although it was not to my taste, it was a superb concept.

For me, the Sound Book Project was the most innovative idea I saw over the weekend. The combination of music, books and film put together my three favourite mediums to create boocordions? (Accordions and books ha!) It was so clever, something I had never thought of before and would happily see again.

That evening, we watched a brand-new feature film based on the Tom McCarthy book, Remainder. The cyclical structure joined with the psychological thriller genres intrigued me, and at some points freaked me out! It only took a single gruesome shot to allow me to look away. I particularly found it amazing how a fantasy narrative could feel so real! From watching and enjoying the film so much I would like to read the original book to compare it and endure the amazing writing of Tom McCarthy.

Day 2, Laura and I got to interview Sham and Jon about YouTube and their ideas. Although they are not the most well-known YouTubers on the web, their passion for vlogging is just as big. I learned a lot from their work, how to address their audience and to always be themselves on camera (which I need to work on more). Overall, their work was encouraging and made me think about vlogging in the future. The concept of vlogging is perplexing, striking the balance between the real world and the fantasy vlogging world. The weekend as a whole was remarkable, introducing me to new films that I wouldn't usually watch. I hope to vlog again in the future and to continue going to film festivals to widen my knowledge of film.

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