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The King's Lynn Community Cinema Club (KLCCC) is an independent, not-for-profit, organisation set up to cater for film enthusiasts in the West Norfolk area. They aim to show a varied programme of films that reflect the tastes and interests of their members. Two seasons are delivered per year, screening at least one film a month in the historic 400 year old Guildhall of St George, which is part of King's Lynn Arts Centre. Members currently pay a subscription of £30 for a season of films and can bring along two guests to every film.

The membership structure ensures that there is a 'captive audience' of 120+ members on their mailing list, and as they can bring up to two guests with them the potential audience is up to 360. The annual subscription model means that the club has relative financial security and freedom to be more adventurous with programming. The programming ethos is generally for non-mainstream but specifically British independent films, 'vintage', archive, silent, awards season films, and foreign language films.

"I didn't like the film but I'm really glad I saw it, because I never would've seen it otherwise and it was thought-provoking and I like being challenged".

KLCCC Member

A committee of approximately fifteen volunteers run KLCCC and all have been allocated jobs such as programming, web design, publicity and membership administration. Members are generally from the older end of the age range, driving in from Norfolk villages. The events have a supportive and friendly atmosphere as the membership system means that attendees meet each other regularly and have gradually got to know each other over time. A social element is built into the programme, whereby meals are often organised before or after film screenings. Special occasions are incorporated at different times of the year, for example for Valentines night, Christmas, Halloween, and KLCCC's own anniversary.

An education programme is part of the programme and is subsidised by the membership income. £5 is charged per 2 hour evening session for 20-30 attendees (including a drink). These education sessions are often programmed in conjunction with film screenings, for example 'Fairy tales on Film' plus Into the Woods or Phil Lloyd on Orson Wells plus The Third Man. The Education Manager is paid a fee to programme and deliver events, but also has a team of volunteers to help at each education event. These helpers have roles such as driver, washer-upper, a 'lights person', and this makes everyone feel involved.

The club organises occasional film-related trips to exhibitions such as screen costumes at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, in conjunction with an education session on film & costume.

This above was abridged from an interview with Sue Burge, KLCCC's Education & Programming Coordinator on 21 January 2015. For further details visit their website www.klccc.uk