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There are regular events in the main Cinema City and Cambridge Arts Picturehouse programmes involving a speaker or a panel of speakers. Typically these range from film introductions and Q&A sessions to panel discussions. These are often programmed in conjunction with other educational organisations such as UEA or the Sainsbury's Centre for Visual Arts in Norwich. Often events are programmed for strands on a particular subject area, for example, the Sainsbury Centre's regular 'World Cinema' strand is programmed in conjunction with current art exhibitions at that venue. Again, this approach can reap benefits in terms of cross-promotion.


  • Have staff liaise with speakers before and during the event to ensure smooth running
  • Employ an experienced chairperson for any Q&As or panel discussions to facilitate and keep it to time
  • If it is a talk, using the cinema screen for additional visual content (e.g. Prezi or PowerPoint) is a good idea
  • Programme events in partnership to other organisations to increase promotional opportunities