"Alongside audience development, film education has a vital role to play in ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to engage with film across the UK. Film education can assist in growing the audience of today and tomorrow."

UK Film Policy Review (DCMS 2012)

We work closely with our two education partners Cinema Plus and Cambridgeshire Film Consortium, based at Cinema City Norwich and Arts Picturehouse Cambridge respectively, to deliver a strategy to deeply engage audiences with film.

A large part of this strategy is providing a bursary system to organisations who wish to hold offer their audiences an engaging experience through a course, introduction, or workshop, but can't take the risk. So far this has been succesful through the region, but we'd like to hear from more organisations who want to try something new.

We also commissioned Broadening Cinema - A report to assess the impact of engagement activities in developing audiences for specialised films in venues.

2015 also saw the launch of our new Education directory, allowing hub members to easily find tutors, speakers, and lecturers for their film events.