Professor Charles Barr



Category: Speakers

Specialisms: Directors, British Cinema, Early Cinema & Archive

Bio: Charles Barr's career spans the first half-century of academic film studies in the UK, starting with postgraduate research in the 1960s at London University under Thorold Dickinson, the director/scholar who became Britain's first Film professor. After working in educational television, he came to UEA in 1976, funded initially by the British Film Institute as part of their strategy to set up experimental lectureships in promising institutions. The then School of English and American Studies proved to be fertile ground because of its strong interdisciplinary ethos, and the presence already of sympathetic figures, notably Thomas Elsaesser. Along with Thomas (who later moved to Amsterdam), and subsequently Andrew Higson (now at York), Charles helped to develop a wide range of programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level, including from 1990 the innovative M.A. in Film Archiving, which for two decades had a formative influence within the field.

Additional info: Specialism Detail: Hitchcock, Early British Cinema


Name: Charles Barr

Telephone: 07896 630277